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Dave Hill Jr.: A Journey of Self-Discovery through Songwriting

Dave Hill Jr.’s new alternative rock release, “Song I’m Afraid to Write,” is not just a song, but a significant milestone in the artist’s career. I have recently discovered this artist and found the story behind Dave Hill Jr.’s music compelling. His personal journey of self-discovery, and his passion for songwriting are inspiring. Through his music, Hill hopes to inspire others to overcome self-doubt and insecurity and share their own stories.

Story Songs

At the young age of 8, Dave Hill Jr. discovered his passion for storytelling through songs when he stumbled upon his Mom’s 45 of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. This experience sparked his love for music and ignited his desire to create songs that could captivate and inspire others. His musical influences ranged from iconic singers such as Freddy Mercury, Prince, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, to Bill Withers. However, it was Kenny Rogers’ appearance on The Muppet Show that truly blew his mind and solidified his dream of becoming a musician.


Despite being involved in the music industry for over three decades as a drummer, it took Hill until the age of 50 to find his own voice and believe in his ability to write songs. His first release, “Run With the Dog,” was a heartfelt tribute to his best friend. However, it was his second release, “Song I’m Afraid to Write,” that truly showcased his journey of working through his demons and overcoming self-confidence struggles.

Motivated by a newfound sense of liberation, Hill has composed over 20 songs and plans to release at least one song per month in the foreseeable future. His goal is to share his melodies with the world and inspire others to embrace their creative voices, regardless of their doubts or insecurities. According to Hill, everyone can sing and create music.

Seattle in the Late 80s/90s

Hill’s musical journey led him to Seattle in the late 80s and 90s, where he had the opportunity to collaborate and perform with notable musicians such as ex-Santana drummer Michael Shrieve and the band Inflatable Soule. Working with Shrieve and other talented artists helped shape Hill’s musical identity and allowed him to develop as a musician and songwriter.

Music Tech Geek

In addition to his passion for music, Hill developed a deep interest in music technology. While working for Michael Shrieve, he immersed himself in electronic instruments, synthesizers, and samplers. This exploration led him to write numerous articles for magazines and online publications, becoming a recognized figure in the music tech world. Hill’s fascination with technology continued as he discovered Ableton and fell in love with their innovative tools. This led to the publication of the world’s first book on Ableton Live, an accomplishment that caught the attention of Ableton’s CEO and eventually led Hill to join the company as one of its first employees outside of Berlin.

Dave Hill Jr.’s journey from self-doubt to self-discovery is truly inspiring. Through his music, he has found solace, healing, and joy. Now, he uses his experiences and knowledge to coach others on their own creative journeys. Whether it’s accidental executives, creatives, seekers, or anyone with a heart, Hill empowers others to embrace their passions and share their stories. Stay tuned for more captivating music from Dave Hill Jr. as he continues to write and release songs that resonate with the human experience.

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