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Music Trends happening now in HipHop April 2023

It’s an exciting time for HipHop fans as the industry continues to evolve and produce new and exciting music. Exciting Music Trends happening now in HipHop April 2023 include collaborations between HipHop and Pop artists becoming more common. The genre is expanding its reach and attracting a wider audience. Lyricism and storytelling remain an important part of the genre, while independent artists are gaining more traction thanks to DIY culture and social media. Trap music and its sub-genres are also increasing in popularity, along with greater representation of women in the industry. HipHop’s future is bright and full of potential as it continues to push boundaries and innovate.

Here are some music trends happening right now in HipHop: 

  • Emo Rap
  • – blending the intensity and honesty of emo music with hip hop beats Drill Music – originating from Chicago and now popular in many cities, drill music features aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting beats 
  • Trap Music – characterized by its heavy use of 808 drum machines, trap music has become a staple sub-genre in hip hop 
  • Afrobeat Fusion – incorporating elements of African music into hip hop beats and lyrics, this trend has been growing in popularity 
  • Conscious Hip Hop – focusing on social and political issues, conscious hip hop has gained renewed attention in recent years 

Hiphop is refocusing all of it’s efforts towards specific focus in these areas within the genre

  • Collaborations between HipHop and Pop artists
  • Emphasis on lyricism and storytelling
  • Rise of independent artists and DIY culture
  • Increased use of social media to promote and share music
  • Experimentation with alternative styles and sounds
  • Increasing popularity of trap music and its subgenres
  • More focus on mental health and self-care in lyrics
  • Continuing influence of 90s HipHop on current artists
  • Greater visibility and representation of women in HipHop
  • Expansion of regional sounds and scenes beyond traditional hubs like New York and Los Angeles

These trends demonstrate the genre’s versatility and willingness to evolve with the times. As Hip hop continues to grow and attract new listeners, we can expect to see even more experimentation and innovation. From the fusion of different genres to the use of new technologies, the possibilities seem endless. And while some may long for the days of the “Golden Age” of HipHop, it’s clear that the genre is far from stagnant and will continue to push boundaries and break new ground in the years to come.

Let us be your guide to all things happening in HipHop.

Quincy Jamal- Payback

Release date: Mar 24, 2023

Genre:  Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop

Quincy Jamal Mather, better know by artist name Quincy Jamal. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Moved to Atlanta, GA shortly after the murder of his father Kenneth Brown (upcoming rapper based out of New Orleans, LA). After spending the majority of his childhood in Atlanta, GA his mother decided to relocate to Orlando, FL. Writing his first rhyme at the age of 14, Quincy developed a passion for music and instruments.

itsalistupid – Don’t Blush

Genre: Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop

Release date: Mar 24, 2023

Similar artists: Ashnikko, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Halsey, P!nk, Kiiara, Awkwafina, Princess Nokia

This is a really hot track that’s fun and flirty. I love the gamer aspect of the music it sounds like it’s taken right out of a video game but way cooler especially with the lyrics and theme. Looking forward to seeing that video when it comes out. 

FM Wu- Scapegoat 

Release date:  April 21st
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Vibe: Chill, Aggressive
Located in: Washington, D.C.
Sounds like: ASAP Rocky. Tyler The Creator

FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’ has a powerful message of life delivered with commitment and focus. The artists voice has a smooth refined sound with a rhythmic flow. There’s a storytelling quality to this single and the way the artist phrases his rap feels like a personal conversation to the listener. There’s a wisdom of experience being passed on through his music in how he produces his songs. The artist brings his wrap talent forward on this with a uniquely produced back track that surrounds the words creating a supportive bed filled with epic passionate vibes. He’s blended genres really well creating a sound that resonates with a mainstream audience.

FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’ has a Powerful Message. FM Wu is a Hip-Hop artist based in Washington D.C. with 3 albums under his belt and a plethora of exciting singles, he is no stranger to the scene, making a name for himself through his signature sound, blending hip-hop foundations with popular genres. Whether he’s taking inspiration from long-time idols Young Thug and Big Sean or his latest influences A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator, FM Wu is fueled by his passion for his craft.

V Cenzo – Hero

Release date: Mar 21, 2023 

Approved for: Groundbreaking Hip Hop

“Written for, and inspired by my first born child. My baby girl, Vienna”

SHADE is an emerging lyrical rapper and spoken word artist making music for self-expression. Though she is new to creating original music with only over two months of experience (at the moment), she desires strong messages and themes in each of her tracks. “Honesty through music” is her goal and drive. “Oh Snap, she is speaking some TRUTH!,” “I need more of this don’t stop,” and “Woah, the perspective” are a few comments from followers on various social media and streaming platforms. Currently, she records, mixes, and masters all songs from home.

GoGettaz –  Rich Off Pain

Music Genre: Hip-hop
Vibe: Cool, Mello Flow, relaxing at the same time exciting.
Located in: Albany NY
Sounds like: Meek Mill , Lil Durk, Fabolous

This is our first official single which we are very excited about, we felt that this song is best for our first impression to the world cause it doesn’t give people the impression that is the only kind of music you’ll get from us, we are very versatile and have all type of hip hop music and rap/r&b type music as well. Official video is being released 3/17/2023 3pm est. Alot more to come.

SHADE – Never Let Them Drown

Release date: Mar 17, 2023 

Released by: Shady Records

Genre: Commercial Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop

Similar artists: NF, Connor Price, Dax

This song was written on my 10th week of rapping before nearly quitting. I thought it would be fun to create a TikTok where I went from zero rap skills and knowledge and tracked my progress. This ended up making me nearly quit from the horrific responses/names I was called and I began to drown in that negativity thinking I was unable to ever learn the skill. Then one day on a walk a line hit me “Everything I do must be so perfect. Is it worth it when every time you’re working you feel worthless?” This one thought turned into more lines. The first part of the song is cathartic while the second is more about how we should encourage and help each other. So it became about drowning/saving people from drowning. We should be lifeguards instead of submerge people with our words and actions. On week 10 of rapping/writing I finally felt like I had created something worth spreading with “Never Let Them Drown.”

Chaos0911 – Dependable

Music Genre: hip hop
Vibe: chill relaxing melo romantic
Located in: Covington, LA

Hip Hop artist Chaos0911 from Covington, LA recently released his first single ‘Dependable’ that melts his love of hiphop with R&B and soul influences. I would consider this melodic hiphop and it is a refreshing take on the genre when most tracks are fast paced and more syncopated. Hip hop artists in todays music landscape are trying to find a balance between being artistically creative while still appealing to the masses. Chaos0911 has found that nice balance with ‘Dependable’ bringing in some old with some news elements while speaking to a more traditional listener. ‘

The Honorable Jay is making Hip Hop music bold and ambitious

Hailing from St. Augustine FL and currently producing from Houston TX, The Honorable Jay is making music that’s bold and fierce with drive and ambition.

More Here

Don Drago. – Paradise Ft Bezz Believe & Nawlage

Music Genre: Hip-hop, Tropical, Pop-rap
Vibe: Fun, Happy, Tropical
Located in: Tampa FL
Sounds like: Flo rida, Pitbull

Release date: April 28, 2023 : Listen here

Don Drago, the rising star in the music industry, has announced the release of his new single “Paradise” featuring Bezz Believe and Nawlage 2K5. This highly anticipated release fuses seamlessly pop, rap, and dance creating the perfect summer hit that is set to dominate the airwaves. “Paradise” is set to release on all digital streaming platforms on April 28th.

The new single, “Paradise,” features an infectious rhythm, euphoric production, and flawless verses that create a feel-good aura that will have any listener playing the single repeatedly. The track starts off with a feel-good summer progression before quickly transitioning into the verses that showcase Don Drago, Bezz Believe, and Nawlage 2K5’s musical prowess. The trio delivers a captivating performance that makes the listener feel like they are on a tropical paradise island.

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