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Rebecca Riggo’s ‘Obsession’ Showcases her Pop Soul Sound

Rebecca Riggo’s release of ‘Obsession’ on May 26th showcases her talents as an indie artist and producer hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. The single offers a pop soul sound, infused with playful nods to 80s synths, and explores the theme of obsessive love, flirting, and the awakening of someone’s perception of reality.

Music Genre: Pop/soul
Vibe: 80s/Indie/electronic/soul
Located in: Gothenburg, Sweden
Sounds like: Niki and the dove, prince, blood orange, shura

Riggo’s warm and captivating vocals take center stage, accompanied by glimmering strokes of synthesizers and electric guitar. The fusion of the funk-infused beat against a silky, seductive soundscape creates a sensual pop universe reminiscent of the iconic artist Prince.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Rebecca Riggo brings her artistic background, having a bachelor’s degree in performing arts, to her musical endeavors. It’s intriguing to see her multifaceted talents as both a musician and an actress.

‘Obsession’ serves as the second single from her upcoming album titled “Can I Touch It,” which is set to be released in 2024. This signals an exciting journey for Rebecca Riggo, and fans can look forward to further exploring her musical vision and the themes she delves into with her upcoming album.

With her unique blend of pop, soul, and a touch of 80s nostalgia, Rebecca Riggo offers listeners a fresh and compelling musical experience. Best wishes to her for the release of ‘Obsession’ and the forthcoming album “Can I Touch It.”

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