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‘Room With A View’ by Songwriter Savannah Jaine Offers an Inspiring Message

The most inspiring message in ‘Room With A View’ is the importance of not running away from that stability and safty of having your feet on the ground. Jaine sings, I’ve already got a room with a views, I’de rather just stay at home with you,” It can be tempting to run away from our problems, whether that means quitting a job, ending a relationship, or moving to a new place. But often, our problems will follow us wherever we go. Some could say this is a lovely love song and some might find it relates to that feeling of finding yourself in a place where you can finally be at peace.

Jaine encourages us to face our problems head-on and find a way to make peace with our current situation. By learning to appreciate what we have and find joy in the little things, we can build a happy and fulfilling life right where we are. 

Savannah Jaine –  Room With A View

Music Genre: Pop, Country, Folk, Indie
Vibe: Summery, vacation, romantic, dreamy, beachy
Located in: New York City
Sounds like: Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini,  Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Mcbryde

Written by 2 Sagittariuses, here’s a love song about NOT travelling. For almost 8 years I was a working musician on cruise ships and in international hotels – “Jetsetting in every direction felt really good ’til the day that it didn’t.”  I guess the therapy worked? Recorded in Manchester, England, we are now fully based in NYC. 

Savannah Jaine

Savannah Jaine is a dynamic artist based in NYC. A diligent workhorse from a young age, this America’s Most Talented Kid’s alum honed her chops as a contract vocalist working long hours on stage – and that unique and immense experience shows itself in her rich, resonant and powerful vocals.

A big believer in creating your own opportunities, she toured, busked and traded live music for beds at hostels throughout Europe. She blogged about her adventures all the way, building a following on social media. 

In 2019, Savannah took a contract gig for a rock band in Dubai where she met British Guitarist and Producer Lee Meadows. Bonding over their love for Americana, Blues and 90’s Country music, these two fire signs began writing and playing together at an Artist Residency in Ibiza, Spain. They played live music every day on Tik Tok, built a following and hosted the first Tik Tok Live Songwriter Rounds. 

Her single “Sunshine & White Wine” was her first Editorial Placement. She is currently working with producer Chris Hope at Milkshed Studios in UK and her debut album “SLOWBURNBABY” will be released early 2023. @SavannahJaine on all social media.

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