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‘Special Kind of Love’ by Cabela and Schmitt

The song project started with an energetic beat and a bouncy bass part.  Bass guitar on this one is so much fun to play!  Soon the bass, guitar, and drums all came together and an arrangement was set.  Added a few keyboards for some atmosphere and at this point the project was shared with Wayne and Rich.  Rich was singing a melody for it almost immediately, and polished up the lyrics very quickly.  The love expressed in the song turns out to be our love for our fans!  Wayne then added a great lead guitar and we liked the sound!

Cabela and Schmitt – Special Kind of Love

Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it.  So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have. We always have music in our hearts/heads, and all we do is learn what we hear. The melodies start playing, and suddenly those random thoughts and phrases begin to fall into place, like they belong. Most people call that songwriting, but we don’t take that credit for ourselves. We believe we’ve been given messages that need to be shared.

Cabela & Schmitt are:  Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards).

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