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The Boats Release their Third Album: 2 Bears

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The Boats, a post-rock trio from Melbourne, Australia, have just released their third album, ‘2 Bears’. The band is known for their experimental sound that blends rock, jazz, and punk elements, and their latest album is no exception. In this blog post, we will delve into what makes ‘2 Bears’ stand out from other instrumental rock albums and explore how the album’s themes reflect our current reality.

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The Sound of 2 Bears

‘2 Bears’ is a rock instrumental album that incorporates vintage amps, gritty sizzling guitars, and thundering rhythms that build like an animal chasing its prey. However, what sets this album apart is the unexpected yet inviting orchestral arrangements that swell with the dynamic waves of the music. The album is a masterclass in how to blend different genres and come up with something completely original. The Boats have carved out their own contemporary sound by fusing together rock elements with jazz and punk inspired flare, synth drones, and chasing rhythms.

Themes of 2 Bears

One of the themes explored in ‘2 Bears’ is humanity’s disregard and detachment from nature. The band uses imagery-rich soundtracks like ‘Beasts of the Brume’ and ‘The Hunter’ to explore this theme. The tracks create a sense of foreboding, and with the world currently facing a climate crisis, the album’s themes seem more relevant than ever. ‘2 Bears’ works as a prophetic, pre-pandemic omen, warning us about the consequences of our actions and our disconnection from nature. 

In conclusion, ‘2 Bears’ is a testament to The Boats’ endurance and musical connection. The album is a must-listen for anyone interested in post-rock and instrumental rock music. The band’s ability to blend different genres and create something unique is truly remarkable. The themes explored in the album are relevant and timely, and ‘2 Bears’ serves as a warning about our relationship with the environment. The Boats have truly outdone themselves with this album, and it is available on all streaming services and limited edition double vinyl.

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