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The Honorable Jay is making Hip Hop music bold and ambitious

Hailing from St. Augustine FL and currently producing from Houston TX, The Honorable Jay is making music that’s bold and fierce with drive and ambition.

On his latest single, OH SHE Ft Zaytoven’ I enjoyed the catchy flow that makes the song easy to listen to. The lyrics are driven by money, hiphop favourite focus with a straight forward approach.

There’s a hyper beat pushing the song forward with a repetitive chorus hooking the song into the mind. This element makes it easy to listen to but the artist also uses his voice and tone to add layers to the repetition. Bending the notes is a cool way to change up a simple structure just enough to make it more unique. It’s in this way he puts his personal touch into the song.

The art work for the single needs to be noted as it’s gorgeous. The artist has created a very special animation with beautiful moody tones and exciting design elements. It’s lush and stands out.

Stay fearless and keep pushing your boundaries on every vision. I’ll be keep an eye out.

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax