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‘This is My Life’ by Cabela & Schmitt is Enchanting 

‘This is My Life’ by Cabela & Schmitt is more than just a country rock song. It is a heartfelt journey through the songwriter’s experiences, emotions, and gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. The vivid storytelling, melodic hooks, and authentic lyrics make this song a true masterpiece. It reminds us to appreciate our hometowns, embrace our imperfections, cultivate gratitude, and find solace in the power of music. So, sit back, listen to the enchanting melodies, and let ‘This is My Life’ transport you into a world where every sense is awakened and every moment is cherished.

A Melodic Snapshot of ‘This is My Life’

“This is My Life,” is a country rock gem encapsulating the essence of the songwriter’s journey. With influences from renowned artists like Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw, the song delivers a melody that instantly hooks listeners and lyrics that brim with personality. The well-produced Nashville-style instrumentals only enhance the emotional impact of this masterpiece.

Imperfect yet Cherished

One of the most endearing aspects of this Country Rock song “This is My Life,” is the songwriter’s attachment to their imperfect yet cherished possessions. They proudly mention their Chevy pickup, a vehicle that bears the marks of countless adventures and holds a special place in their heart. The dings and scratches on the truck tell stories of road trips, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

“I grow a vegetable garden, I wake up every morning being grateful for my family.  I play my guitar and keep my anger pent up.”

Gratitude and Family

Cabela & Schmitt are: Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards). 

Amidst the melodic journey, the songwriter expresses their deep gratitude for their family. They wake up every morning with a sense of appreciation for the love and support they receive. The song resonates with the simple joys of spending time with loved ones, sharing meals, and creating beautiful memories together.

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