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Carry On: A Journey of Hope and Healing

In the world of independent music, Jeff Monk stands out with his raw and unfiltered writing style. His latest release, ‘Carry On,’ encompasses clear and hard-hitting lyrics, accompanied by powerful arrangements that amplify the emotive messages within the songs. If you delve deeper into the purpose behind Monk’s music and the hope it brings to those who have experienced trauma, you’ll be blown away by his story. 

The Universal Nature of Trauma

Regardless of its source, trauma affects individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re a grieving parent, a widowed spouse, or a combat veteran, the darkness and intensity of trauma symptoms are unwavering. Monk’s first single, “Carry On,” serves as a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with the aftermath of trauma. It highlights the resilience required to overcome adversity and embraces the often-hidden hope that exists within.

With a purpose-driven approach, what sets Monk apart is his unwavering commitment to making a difference. With every purchase of his music, 100% of the proceeds are directly contributed to The Marine Raider Foundation. This charitable organization provides support for veterans and families associated with the United States Marine Corps’ Special Operations Command unit (MARSOC). Monk’s personal connection to the cause amplifies his dedication, as he shares that both of his sons are currently deployed on combat assignments with the Marine Corps.

Collaborating with Grammy-Winning Producer Monk’s commitment to delivering a high-quality album is evident through his collaboration with renowned producer, Matt Leigh. With two Grammy awards under his belt, Leigh has worked with iconic artists such as Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Deep Purple, and Keb Mo. The music for ‘Carry On’ was skillfully recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium’s Studio A, while the vocals found their home at Starstruck Studios on Music Row in Nashville, TN.

Elite Session Musicians from Nashville

To bring his vision to life, Monk handpicked an elite group of session musicians from Nashville. Among them is the accomplished guitarist, Tim Galloway, who has been recognized as the ACM Guitar Player of the Year. Galloway’s exceptional skills have graced the work of notable artists like Baily Zimmerman, Gary Allan, and Little Big Town, to name a few.

Jeff Monk’s ‘Carry On’ stands as a testament to the power of music to heal and inspire. Through his art, Monk shares messages of hope, resilience, and unity, while also supporting veterans and their families through the Marine Raider Foundation. Whether you have personally experienced trauma or simply seek music that uplifts your spirit, ‘Carry On’ is an album that resonates with the depth of human emotions and the capacity to overcome. Join Jeff Monk on this journey of hope and healing, and let his music guide you as you carry on.

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