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Hip Hop artist Chaos0911 melts his love of hiphop with R&B on ‘Dependable’

Hip Hop artist Chaos0911 from Covington, LA recently released his first single ‘Dependable’ that melts his love of hiphop with R&B and soul influences. I would consider this melodic hiphop and it is a refreshing take on the genre when most tracks are fast paced and more syncopated. Hip hop artists in todays music landscape are trying to find a balance between being artistically creative while still appealing to the masses. Chaos0911 has found that nice balance with ‘Dependable’ bringing in some old with some news elements while speaking to a more traditional listener.

Chaos0911 kicks off his journey with new single ‘Dependable’

Chaos0911 – Dependable
Music Genre: hip hop
Vibe: chill relaxing melo romantic
Located in: Covington, LA

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