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“The Final Hallelujah” by Number One Babe Team: A Tribute to Love and Loss

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the grieving process can be overwhelming. For songwriter Austin Michael, the death of his father inspired him to write a heartfelt tribute in the form of a beautiful song – “The Final Hallelujah”. 

A Grief Shared

Austin Michael’s lyrics are a poignant reflection of the love and grief he experienced after losing his father. The song is a tribute to his father’s life and legacy, but it’s also a way for Austin to process his own emotions. The song’s mood is both chill and sad, giving listeners a glimpse into the complex emotions that come with grief. 

Influenced by the Greats

If you’re a fan of Elliot Smith, Sujan Stevens, or The Tallest Man on Earth, you’ll love this song. “The Final Hallelujah” is a beautiful addition to the indie pop canon and a testament to the healing power of music. 

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