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Cabela and Schmitt Make an Impact with New Single ‘Call Unto Me’

‘Call Unto Me’ by Cabela and Schmitt is a song that will help you have hope in times of despair and give you the strength to overcome any obstacles that comes your way.

It’s a powerful anthem with an inspiring message that will let people know that God has not forgotten them. He wants us to be righteous men in an unrighteous world and this is something we can all do.

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CALL UNTO ME is a plea to try to be a righteous man in an unrighteous world.  The inspiration for this song came shortly after seeing Matthew West at a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado. A couple of days after returning to Nebraska the song was formed in the mind.

Wayne, Tom and I have been writing songs together for a very long time and we realize that our musical inclinations come to us during or after some life experience. We are truly blessed with this totally fun dexterity.

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