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GRIPPA’s New Video CRASH Show her Bright Future as a Pop Star

GRIPPA's New Video CRASH Show her Bright Future as a Pop Star

It seems as if the indie pop world is on it’s ear with new talent and GRIPPA is among the pop stars we see as having a bright future. GRIPPA’s voice resonates well with both soft yet strong elements. This vocalist shows promise for even more that we haven’t yet seen and it will be interesting to see if our pick plays out. With a warm smooth voice and flare for songwriting, her lyrics show signs of future hits in the vein of stars like Lady Gaga and Tate McRae.

From this wacky world of neon lights, hilarious memes and edgy attitude, GRIPPA carries on the legacy of bold female artists such as Lady Gaga and Doja Cat, who can rattle your musical perception with a single note while still very much enjoying themselves as real people and not pedestaled divas.

Born out of weird core, musical theater and non-bubblegum pop, the seventeen-year-old pop artist dropped her final single “Crash” along with her debut EP “IS THAT HER?” on March 31st, 2023. New music from GRIPPA is coming in early May with her new album’s first release “LUST FOR LIFE”.

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