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Indie Songwriter Cheyenne Pohl’s Navigates the ‘Friend Crush’ on New Single

Cheyenne Pohl –  Friend Crush

Released by: DistroKid
Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock
Moods: Happy, Energetic

Friend Crush is an upbeat rock song that navigates the feelings and emotions a person has when they start to have a crush on a friend. Every time I thought I was starting to have feelings for someone I always asked myself…do you see yourself dating them or is it a friend crush? To me, having a friend crush always meant I loved the person’s energy, they gave me a serotonin type of feeling, and I craved their presence…but I couldn’t imagine us being boyfriend and girlfriend. The song plays off of those feelings with a bit more of a romantic twist. Friend Crush goes through this journey of dissecting one’s emotions and tendencies. Is it a friend crush or is there something more? Why do I care how I respond to your messages? You’re always making me smile…is that a normal friend thing? Why am I so nervous around you? This “crush” feels more intense than the others. Etc. There’s nothing in this world more confusing than trying to figure out your feelings for someone that in the end you probably don’t have real feelings for. 

Cheyenne Pohl is an up and coming 22 year old Independent artist creating original songs that are authentic, honest, and a mix of all of her wildly different/favorite influences, which include…The Beatles, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, AJR, Oldies music, Motown, Classic Rock, and 60’s & 70’s music. Pohl’s absolute favorite thing to do when creating music is to take things that shouldn’t make sense together & turn them into these cool/unique sounds that compliment each other. Listen to see for yourself & checkout snippets of upcoming music on her socials!