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FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’

FM Wu- Scapegoat 

Release date:  April 21st
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Vibe: Chill, Aggressive
Located in: Washington, D.C.
Sounds like: ASAP Rocky. Tyler The Creator

FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’ has a powerful message of life delivered with commitment and focus. The artists voice has a smooth refined sound with a rhythmic flow. There’s a storytelling quality to this single and the way the artist phrases his rap feels like a personal conversation to the listener. There’s a wisdom of experience being passed on through his music in how he produces his songs. The artist brings his wrap talent forward on this with a uniquely produced back track that surrounds the words creating a supportive bed filled with epic passionate vibes. He’s blended genres really well creating a sound that resonates with a mainstream audience.

FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’ has a Powerful Message. FM Wu is a Hip-Hop artist based in Washington D.C. with 3 albums under his belt and a plethora of exciting singles, he is no stranger to the scene, making a name for himself through his signature sound, blending hip-hop foundations with popular genres. Whether he’s taking inspiration from long-time idols Young Thug and Big Sean or his latest influences A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator, FM Wu is fueled by his passion for his craft.