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“Correlations Part Three” Dark Industrial Ambient Journey by Njordlyd

“Correlations Part Three” is the 3rd track on the EP “Correlations”. The journey continues with the feeling of being sad, somewhere in a melancholic place (or space) with life and activity. A nature-like environment, open and spacious. It then slowly transitions into a somewhat more active or busy place (or space), a less nature-like environment. Somewhere with a slightly more industrial and underground feel to it, a sort of downwards atmosphere.

Music Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Dark ambient; ambient; Experimental ambient; Downtempo; Soundscapes; Drone; Experimental; Chill Out
Vibe: Soundscape: Atmospheric; Focus; Concentration; Meditation; Relaxing; Chill
Located in: Den Haag, The Netherlands
Sounds like: Mount Shrine / r beny / Burial

Hello Njordlyd! Good space ambient/drone. Meditative, floaty vibe. Nice mix of the track. Cheers! – Music Dances When You Sleep – Lithuania

Theres a very spacious feel to this project. You definitely got the attention of the listener with it. I could see this as soundtrack material for a space movie or something sci-fi. Cheers! Grotesqualizer – United States

We can appreciate the originality of sounds you’ve created in this track the dark vibes offer tension in this listening experience. Best, ISLAND

Thank you so much for the great track! Excellent production and some really cool ideas! Very experimental and a wonderful release! 🙂 Infralyd – Denmark

A cool combo of elements, well mixed together. The composition as a whole felt very experimental and I can see where this has a personal theme. Thanks for submitting. Loodma Recordings – Estonia

This was very well produced and highly creative. It will go into our Dark Ambient list. Arctic Drones- Turkey

This is a well crafted production with unique and enveloping textures. The textures are intense with an experimental feel. Much enjoyed learning about this project. Good luck with the release . Kula Kriya – United Kingdom

Hi, thanks for sending the song over. Cool song, I found the tension to be interesting as it resonates through with your ideas. I would love to add it to my playlist. Good luck with the release! Censored X – Vietnam

Nice and clean drone track, thanks for sharing this, I appreciate the work all the best 🙂  Here and Now – India

Fresh Sly – 97.9 FM Radio: This is a very creative project. I listened to several of the tracks and found it to be expansive and emotional. We have added this to your lineup at the station and plan to play it. Republic of Moldova