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Fresh R&B songs that tell a story

Indie R&B songs that tell a story

Fresh R&B songs that tell a story

R&B has been know for telling heartfelt and emotional stories through its music, and the indie R&B scene today is no exception. 

Todays indie artists are creating R&B that reflects modern trends in music. These artists are creating R&B songs that tell a story in music that is both relatable and unique. They are pushing the boundaries of R&B and creating a new sound that is fresh and exciting. If you’re a fan of R&B or just looking for some new music to listen to, be sure to check out these indie artists and their amazing storytelling abilities.. 

The R&B Trends for 2023 are expected to be more experimental

Music trends in R&B 2023 are expected to be even more diverse and experimental, paving the way for a new era of indie R&B artists. With its ability to touch the soul and convey raw emotion, indie R&B will continue to captivate listeners for years to come. Whether you’re feeling heartbroken or hopeful, there’s an indie R&B song out there that’s perfect for you. So put on your headphones and let the music take you on a journey.

Some of the best indie R&B songs that tell a story are:

Here are some indie R&B songs that tell a story that you need to check out:

Some of the new sound in R&B today that are fresh and exciting include unique sounds that make the rhythm unique while supporting the songwriters ability to tell a great story. 

  • “Light” by Marielle Divino
  • “Feelins” by Senobia 
  • “Not done” by v3x – D34D
  • “Run from you” by Kaden Frost
  • “STARDUST” by JXKR. (pronounced Joker)
  • “Tacit (feat. Una Mey)” by JVLY
  • Swipe Right’ by Chuck Starr

Marielle Divino – Light

Music Genre: Alternative R&B
Vibe: reminiscent, dreamy
Located in: Toronto
Sounds like: Dijon, Orion Sun, Ryan Beatty, boylife, Choker

Marielle Divino’s sound on Light is more than distinctive, it’s a dream come true for R&B fans. Her smooth and breathy flavours of vocals bring a soundscape quality to her music. R&B is always looking for new voices who can write songs that resonate and Marielle is that light in the dark for 2023. 

Marielle Divino (born April 29, 2000) is an independent artist and singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. With a distinctive sound that combines elements of alternative soul/R&B, pop, and indie. Her newest single, ‘Light’ anticipating a fallout and feeling safe in the moment, but not necessarily secure in the long run. It’s about after everything being over – the hope that they’ll keep a place for you and that time in their life is not forgotten.

Senobia – Feelins

EP – Time To Breathe
Music Genre: Jazz, R&B, Soul
Vibe: Funk, Groove
Located in: Greater Savannah Area
Senobia – ‘Feelins’ from the new EP ‘Time To Breathe’ is sensational. The song is beautiful and inspiring offering the listener some gorgeous lyrics that resonate well. I love how Senobia shows her versatility on this EP across the songs. Feelins’ fits in that R&B mold well with a classic music production and soft elegant tone. 

“Not done” by v3x – D34D

Music Genre: Alternative, Indie, R&B
Vibe: indie billie
Located in: New York.. moved to LA

When it comes to riding trends in music, it can be risky. But if you’re able to find the right niche and create the perfect song for it, then you can enjoy some serious success. 

One of the best examples of this is the Indie Billie mic niche that has emerged after the success of Billie Eilish. This singer/songwriter has been able to capitalize on the growing popularity of indie music by creating catchy songs that are easy on the ear and there’s an entire genre now composed around that sound. 

One artist who has been diving deeper into this vein of music is v3x. Her single ‘D34D’ from 2021 captures this elegant and fragile sound effortlessly. Its catchy lofii bedroom grooves are addicting and set an easy listening backdrop to those chill weekends of summer. I really love how she blends in a repetitive backing vocal that supports the rhythm well yet honest compete with the lead vocal. 

Her voice is unique with a recognizable sound and interesting presence. I love how she uses her stylized vocals to frame the song rhythm further accenting the beat and timing of the instruments.  It’s a great pop song. 

“Run from you” by Kaden Frost

Music Genre: Hiphop/rnb
Vibe: Smooth
Located in: Utah
Sounds like: Logic

Kaden Frost’s ‘Run from you’ offers an easy flow with excellent vocal clarity. His R&B vibe layering hiphop over an acoustic guitar production is simply unique. This track stands out in a crowded genre filled with power tracks and hype. I found it refreshing and important to the genre showing that things can be done in different ways. This is a very creative hip hop song. Way to think outside the box. 

JXKR. (pronounced Joker) –  STARDUST

Music Genre: R&B/Soul
Vibe: Chill, laid-back
Located in: Ottawa, ON, Canada

STARDUST is a song about a woman in a “situationship” with a man and she’s starting to develop feelings for him, assuming that he does not feel the same way so she says goodbye. The vocals are laid back with a flowing soulful vibe supported by layers of music with both modern and traditional R&B influences. The song has a nice follow through and demonstrates a nice strength for this producer in the genre. 

Haitian-Canadian musician/producer from Ottawa, Canada, JXKR started playing the piano at the age of 5, learned how to play the bass and the drums in high school with dreams of becoming a full-time producer in the industry. He dropped his first single called Rendez-Vous in April 2022 and is currently working on an EP hopefully to drop in the fall. His goal is to work with local artists and to grow as an artist, share his passion for music with the members of his community and the world.

“Tacit (feat. Una Mey)” by JVLY

Music Genre: R&B/Soul, Alt-pop
Vibe: happy
Located in: Newcastle, Australia
Sounds like: Tom Misch, Charlotte Day Wilson, Omar Apollo

Australian artist JVLY has the kind of music that changes your brain. The music is atmospheric with elements bring ethereal sounds together that inspire focus. The relaxing melodies and captivating movements relax your mind providing a mental escape for the listener. 

JVLY’s new single ‘Tacit’ (feat. Una Mey) has a soothingly uplifting sound that plays well with guest vocalist Canadian artist Una May. Her sound is warm and entrancing. She’s the perfect partner for this talented music creator giving the production a sweetness. Love it. 

‘Swipe Right’ by Chuck Starr The Emotional Journey of Online Dating 

Release Date: May 12th 2023
Music Genre: Pop/R&B
Vibe: Feel good/chill
Located in: Columbus Ohio
Sounds like: The Weeknd, Usher

“Swipe Right,” by Chuck Starr expresses the many emotions that a person may feel and go through while trying to find love through online dating. This R&B single has roots in pop soul with a modern feel.